BOG June 25th, 2020 Minutes Posted


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BPBCA BOG June 25th, 2020 Agenda Posted

BPBCA Board of Governors regular meeting
Thursday, June 25 2020 at 6 PM via teleconference
call in (425) 436-6363, PIN: 436260
I.  Call to order, attendance
II.  Approval of minutes
     May 28, 2020
     June 16, 2020
III.  Communications to board
VI.  Public comments
VII.  Reports
     Tax collector
     Piers and seawalls
     Association manager
VIII.  Old business
     Cahill scholarship
     Long term fiscal planning committee
     Approve updated policies and procedures
IX.  New business
     After hours parking
     Elections: procedure and voting eligibility
     Women’s Club; Kay Parulis, modified activities
     Rec directors; Erica Garnett and Nadia Banever, activities proposals
X.  Public comments and board response
XI. Executive session
     Individual employees
XII.. Adjournment

BPBCA BOG May 28th, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes Posted


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Apply Now to The Cahill Black Point Education Fund for a Scholarship!

After January 1, 2019, applicants who are seniors in high school or who are attending a post-secondary institution and who have not won a scholarship previously from the Fund may go online to click here where The Cahill Black Point Education Fund scholarship will be listed. The new method of application will allow for all potential applicants who may not be in or from Connecticut to have the opportunity to apply.

Applications are due by April 1. 2019, so please apply soon!


News from the Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Robin Murdock-Meggers and Bob Shea who were elected to the Board of Governors at this morning’s Annual Meeting, and congratulations to Jim Pillion on being elected to a second term.  They join Dr. Brendan Fox, Mary Cahill (Chair), and Kevin Callahan (Vice Chair).

Our heartfelt thanks to Tom Kelly, Dr. Peter Liashek, and Jim Moffett who left the Board this year.  Their dedication to the Association and its members and their hard work on our behalf is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations, too, to Kendall Roberts and Amanda Taylor, this year’s recipients of the Cahill Black Point Education Fund scholarships.  Great job, ladies!  We wish you all the best!

The Cahill Black Point Education Fund

Congratulations to this year’s Cahill Black Point Education Fund scholarship recipients! Shea Williams, who was awarded a 1st place scholarship of $1,500, will be attending Fordham University in the fall. Matt Laffin, who is attending Providence College, and Chelsea Stevens, who will be attending the College of Charleston, received $750 scholarships. We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the best at college!

Dog Obedience Class

obedient_dogBe your dog’s best friend………Take him to dog class!

Once again, the Black Point Dog Owners Group is offering dog obedience classes at the clubhouse on Saturday mornings at 9AM beginning July 12th and running for 6 weeks. Plans include good neighbor behavior, dog control and good manners. This will help everyone in the beach area enjoy their summer. You and your dog are welcome to join and have some canine fun.

Please contact Sue Chodorov at (860) 739-3182,  or Jane McLane at (860) 739-5167. The cost is $60.00 and will be donated to the Cahill Black Point Education Fund or the Black Point Recreation Fund at your discretion.

You will need a 6-foot leash and collar and a certificate from your vet showing that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Sue or Jane so we can save you a spot and not spend class time registering everyone.

A reminder; please read the Black Point Rules. Your dog must be on a leash when off your property. Your dog is not permitted on any of the beaches, rights of way or piers during the summer. Your dog should not be a threat or nuisance to anyone.