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Black Point Mens’ Club 2022

Get ready to Build Community, Have Fun & Enjoy Black Point. 

There are approximately 580 households in Black Point.  We have a variety of events for all but only a small portion of our homes have Mens’ Club Members. We need your input and participation. Three things we ask: 1.) If not a member, please join us. It is a deal, only $25 for a ton of fun! 2.) If you are a member, ask a neighbor to join. 3.) Be active and be at our events and help build community. There are a lot of interesting people who you could meet, so join us.


The Black Point Mens’ Club is a very active organization. Recently, someone stated that they didn’t hear about one of the Mens’ Club events. When asked if he was a member, the answer was no! Ask a neighbor to join!
The solution is quite easy! Men of Black Point, please join the Mens’ Club and get updates and reminders on a regular basis. Membership has advantages of discounts for some events and being informed of what is happening early. $25/year is quite the deal! We help with or organize the following events…
Ongoing Events
Bocce League – Bocce Court – Fridays 9 AM to Noon
Pickleball Tennis Courts – Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 9 AM to noon
NBYC Sailing Races – Wednesday Night Series – Any Beach – 6 PM to 8 PM
Upcoming Events
Story, Story Night – Thursday 18th of August 2022 – Clubhouse – 6PM
Everyone has a story. Listen to some of our members tell theirs! Some topics are “How I Got to Black Point”; “USAF Adventures”; “The Great Norwich Flood”; “9-11 – My Story”; “Very Special Olympics”; and more! These topics reflect a great diversity of historical, local and personal interests, perfect for our community!
Price is $5 for each couple/family group. We will also have a pasta dinner for $10 per person! Reservations for dinner are required and must be made by 15th of August 2022 for Chef Mastria to prepare the food.
East Lyme Historian – Friday 26th of August 2022 – Clubhouse – 6:30 PM
Black Point is rapidly approaching our 100th Anniversary. Learn how our East Lyme community evolved. Please bring pictures to share. This Black Point Mens’ Club function is open to all.
1st Annual Cardboard Boat Race – Sunday 5th of September 2022 – 1PM – Main Beach
  • Boats can be made only of cardboard and duct tape and must have sides of at least 6″
  • Design left to builders for 1, 2 or more people (no pets), with crew fully in the vessel
  • Boats can be decorated with paint but not on bottom or 6 inches up on the sides
  • Decorations, uniforms encouraged if not used as flotation or structural elements


  • No wood, plastic, rubber, inflation devices, Styrofoam, fiberglass or plastic etc
  • No caulking compounds, two part/mixed adhesives, glues, epoxy mixtures or coatings (including spray sealers)
  • No electrical, gasoline, benzene, propane, nuclear or other chemical or electrical propulsion systems

Race Rules

  • Teams bring their own PFDs and paddles (kayak paddles allowed)
  • Boats can be propelled by hands or paddles only
  • During race, crew must be in boat, not towing or swimming the vessel along or using PFDs as floatation
  • One team helper is allowed to help launch the craft but further into the water than 10 ft or knee deep , whichever is less.
  • Participants are expected to maintain the dignity of yachtsmen and not pirates. Throwing water or sinking other vessels is not allowed.
  • Sunken boats need to be retrieved and disposed of properly
Autumnal Equinox – Thursday September 22 – 6 PM – Main Beach
Bring neighbors and celebrate a successful Summer 2022 and welcome in whatever the fall brings our way. Bring refreshments.
Previous Year’s Events! – Join us Year-Round!
Mens’ Club helped with or organized the following events!
October – Veterans Day Celebration and food
Late November – Lighting and Decorating Christmas Trees on Main Beach
December – Solstice
New Year Eve – Midnight – Step or more into Niantic Bay
January – Little Christmas – Dismantle Christmas Trees
March – St Patrick’s Day Celebration Dinner and Parade
March – Spring Equinox
May/June – Pizza & Beer Membership
June – Summer Solstice
June – Pre 4th Dinner
July – Kazoo Band – PlusHelp BOG w/ Picnic & Parade
July – Setback Tournament
July – Black Point Golf Tournament
July – Trivia Night
July – Corn Hole Matches


Join the Men’s club for a weekly email and check out our Instagram posts.  We are in the process of upgrading our Mens’ Club tab on the Black Point website.

Men’s club team headed by Peter Baril also completed a new BP directory that will soon be available. Look for the Mens’ Club insert in this directory that outlines our events.

We Need Your Help!

We assist the BOG on the 4th of July with the Parade and Picnic. We need volunteers. Also, this is the 47th consecutive year for the kazoo band.  We need new members to join this group! Contact Ed Zito or the Mens’ Club.

The Golf Tournament needs raffle prizes to raise $$ for the Cahill Scholarship fund. Contact Tom Meggers or the Black Point Mens’ Club

Build Community, Have Fun, Enjoy Black Point

Rick Diachenko

Instagram account: black_point_men’s_club  





Black Point Men’s Club
2022 Activities

Yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7AM-8AM May 20th – September; Class Fee will be $3.00 per session.


The Men’s Club meets Thursdays at 6:30PM unless otherwise noted.



*A full schedule of activities and events will be Published in the Black Pointer*