Complete Rules and Regulations of The Black Point Beach Club Association

Complete Rules and Regulations of the Black Point Beach Club Association

The following regulations have been approved by the Board of Governors to the
Black Point Beach Club Association (hereinafter the “Association”) and shall be
effective throughout the year:

SECTION I. Parking and Traffic
1. No person shall park a motor vehicle just off, on, or within the traveled portion of
any of the highways, roads, or rights-of- way of the Black Point Beach Club Property
(Hereinafter known as the “Club Property”). The traveled portion of a highway, road
or right-of- way shall include, but not be limited to, those areas improved by
blacktopping, asphalt or oil, and those rights-of-way used by pedestrians to enter the
beach or ocean front areas.

2. No person shall park a motor vehicle in any approved Club Property parking area
without a visible, current Black Point Beach Club Parking Permit obtainable from the
Tax Collector and the Approval of the Association Manager.

3. For the convenience of the Members of the Black Point Beach Club Association,
parking is permitted with a parking permit in the following named approved Club
Property parking areas:
(a) on the north side of Sea Breeze Avenue and Nehantic Drive and located east of
East Shore Drive; (b) on the north side of Nehantic Drive and the west side of
Sunrise Avenue for a distance of 100 feet north from the corner of Nehantic Drive
(adjacent to the Black Point Market).
(b) Within the White Cap parking lot area; short term overnight parking in the
Whitecap parking lot is permitted with approval of the Board and the understanding
that the Board of Governors will not be liable for any damage. Written or emailed
verification of approval must be placed on the dashboard.

**Application to use Right-of-Way or Whitecap Parking Lot for Staging**

Parking is permitted in these areas during the hours of 7:00a.m. To 9:00p.m. With a
current Black Point parking tag.

4. Parking violations are subject to a $25 Association fine and shall be caused to be
strictly enforced.

5. The maximum speed of motor vehicles, mopeds, bicycles, golf carts or any
mechanically powered vehicles on the roads and highways of the Club Property is 20

6. The Association, through its Association Manager, shall cause the motor vehicles laws and regulations, including but not limited to speeding, stop sign violations, and other moving traffic violations, to be strictly enforced by state and local police.

Rev. 09.26.19

SECTION II. Swimming Areas and Beach Regulations
1. The following areas have been designated as approved swimming areas:
(a) The Main Beach located between Nehantic Drive and Sea Breeze Avenue (up to
the large boulder) within the swimming markers.
(b) the South Beach located on the south side of the pier located at the end of
Osprey Road within the swimming markers.

2. In accordance with the instructions of the Connecticut Department of Environment
Protection swimming markers designate the approved swimming areas, and one
swimming raft is located in each of the approved swimming areas.

3. No boats or water vessels of any kind are permitted within the approved swimming

4. Swimming within all areas of the Association and its property is restricted to
Members of the Association, their guests or tenants under lease or rental

5. All swimming is at one’s own risk, as the Association employs no swimming

6. The areas at Main Beach on both sides of the main pier are reserved between the
hours of 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for swimming lessons and
instruction during the summer recreation program.

7. The Clubhouse playground is reserved for the recreation program on Monday
through Friday mornings during the summer season.

8. No diving or jumping from any of the piers is permitted at any time.

9. Dogs and other domestic animals are not permitted on any beaches, piers or
rights-of-way of Association Property including the club house grounds.

10. Ball playing or “Frisbee” throwing, flying kites or any other game on the beach or
in the water is permitted if it doesn’t hinder the safety or comfort of swimmers and
bathers, and at the discretion of the Association Manager, on an individual event
Rev. 01.14.20

11. The eating of meals and/or picnicking and the use of coolers and glass or metal
containers on any Association beaches is prohibited except as otherwise authorized
by the Board of Governors.

12. Beach Areas are Tobacco and Alcohol Free. The use, dispensing or consumption of alcoholic beverages on Association beaches is prohibited except as expressly authorized by the Board of Governors.

13. Radios and other musical devices played on the beaches must be maintained at a reasonable volume.

SECTION III. Boating Areas

1. The following areas have been designated as approved boat drop-off or pick-up launch and/or storage areas:

(a) the north side of the south pier at the South Beach. 
 (b) the north side at the end of Nehantic Drive.
(c) the boat launch and southerly beach adjacent at Sea View Avenue.

2. Dinghies may be stored against the sea walls not located in designated approved swimming areas upon

the express written consent of such owner of the sea wall.

3. The offshore mooring of boats is permitted outside of approved swimming areas, and more than 25 feet away from all piers. Mooring permits must be obtained from the East Lyme Harbor Master.

4. The boat docks are to be used only for active loading and unloading of boats.

Rev. 05.27.2021

5. No swimming or sunbathing is permitted in areas designated as boating areas.

6. Sea View or Dingy Beach, is a boating beach; boaters have priority. Please follow DEEP rules and guidelines for water safety.

Rev. 05.27.2021

SECTION IV. Other Regulations and Limitations of Liability

1. New Rules for Fishing. – From May 16 – September 14, fishing from Association Property is allowed by members and their guests between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. only.  From September 15 – May 15, fishing for members and their guests is allowed between    6 a.m. and 11 p.m. only.  Rev. 10.22.20

2. The benches located on the rights-of-way leading to the ocean front areas are for the use and enjoyment of Members of the Association and their guests.

3. The burning of brush, leaves or trash is prohibited, and bonfires on any Association beach are permitted only when expressly authorized by the Board of Governors. A permit must be obtained from the East Lyme Fire Marshall.

4. The taking of sand, gravel, rocks, boulders, or dirt from any beach, road, highway or right-of-way or other Association Property is prohibited.

5. All garbage and recyclable containers must be obtained from East Lyme Public Works. The littering or scattering of garbage or refuse on highways, roads, rights-of-way, beaches or other Association Property is prohibited. Violators will be subject to a state and local fine which shall be caused to be strictly enforced.

6. Changing into bathing suits from other clothing is not permitted in any motor vehicle on any Association Property.

7. The use of firearms, B.B. guns, pellet guns, or other weapons is prohibited.

8. The contamination of any surface water, well water, underground water, or any water source used for domestic and household purpose is prohibited.

9. Dogs must be on leashes at all times and should be restricted to the public roadways. Animals, other than cats and dogs are not allowed except by written approval of the Board of Governors to the Association. Members of the Association, their guests and tenants are prohibited from allowing any dog they may own to bark incessantly while leashed on the outside.

10. Skateboards, roller skates, carriages of any kind, bicycles and tricycles are not allowed on the tennis or basketball courts of the Association.

11. The association, its Board of Governors, officers and employees shall not be liable to any person for any injury to person or damage to property, on or about the Association Property, arising out of any violation of these Regulations hereunder or caused by the negligence or misconduct of any Member of the Association, or that Member’s guests, invitees, or tenants.

12. Each member of the Association must cause their guests, invitees or tenants to comply fully with all the requirements of these Regulations.

13. No construction or any other construction related activity or land clearing can begin prior to 8:00 a.m. nor continue after 6:00 p.m.

14. The Black Point Beach Association owns and maintains several rights-of-way and the Reserve Beach within the boundaries of the Association. It is the intent of the Board of Governors of the Black Point Beach Association that these rights-of-way and Reserve Beach are for the passive recreational use of all the members. In keeping with this intent, and to avoid unnecessary liability, no private use of ROWs or the BPBCA beaches which they access is permitted.

Rev. 01.14.20

15. The Black Pointer is used to provide unique news by Black Pointers for Black Pointers that cannot be found anywhere else; inserts to the Black Pointer can be provided by Black Pointers who want to disseminate information, at their own expense.

Rev. 7.25.19


Black Point Beach Club
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