Clubhouse Rules

Updated 07.25.19

The Clubhouse and surrounding premises (hereinafter the “Clubhouse”), is available for use by any Member of the Black Point Beach Club Association on a first-come-first-served reservation basis on any day based on the following conditions and only after written approval of application. The clubhouse is open for use by members from May through September.

Application Fee: $200
Security Deposit: $250

1. The attached application must be completed in its entirety, signed and forwarded to the Chair of the Board of Governors for his/her approval, and if necessary, the approval of the Board of Governors. The non-refundable application fee must accompany the application.

The refundable security deposit must also accompany your application. This deposit will be returned to you, without interest, after inspection of the Clubhouse by the Board of Governors subsequent to its use. The Board of Governors will inspect and must find the Clubhouse in the same condition as it was prior to your use, including but not limited to the Clubhouse being clean with all garbage/trash removed, in good order and repair and without any breakage or damage of any kind. The inspection of the Clubhouse by the Board of Governors may result in deductions made from your security deposit for cleaning, or repair of damage or trash removal. Any such deductions shall be determined solely by the Board of Governors.

2. Use of the Clubhouse is limited to Members of the Association, their family and guests, and such use must be in full compliance with the laws and ordinances of the State of Connecticut, Town of East Lyme, respectively, as well as in full compliance with the Black Point Beach Club Association Regulations. Use of the Clubhouse shall be as expressly permitted on the application.

3. Total occupancy of the Clubhouse is limited to 200 people with chairs and 93 people with tables and chairs.

4. The use of the Clubhouse on the reserved day is limited to the hours of 9:00AM to 11:00PM. Any greater or later use of the Clubhouse must be approved in writing by the Board of Governors of the Association. The Member listed on the application must be personally present during such use at all times on the day reserved.

5. The sale of tickets relating to the use of the Clubhouse and the use of the Clubhouse for any fundraising activities is prohibited, except as expressly authorized bv the Board of Governors.

6. Complaints of excessive noise, any violations of these rules, or disturbance of any kind occurring as a result of your use, your guests, your invitees or any person attending the occasion of your use of the Clubhouse shall result in the immediate revocation of the right to use the Clubhouse in the sole determination of the Board of Governors of the Association.

7. No contents of the Clubhouse may be taken for use outside. Tables and chairs must be used inside the Clubhouse only.

8. All paper ware must be supplied by the applicant.

9. The sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind or the dispensing of alcoholic beverages in exchange for tickets is prohibited.

10. No paint balls, silly string or similar products will be allowed on the club house grounds. Any damage to the club house property or grounds will be the responsibility of the renter.

11. The consumption or use of alcoholic beverages of any kind is prohibited unless written permission is obtained at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event from the Association Manager, and the following documentation is provided:

A. A letter requesting permission and describing the nature of the event to be held and the relationship of the attendees to the Member;

The Member shall provide a Certificate of general liability insurance naming Black Point Beach Club Association as an additional insured in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 ( one million) dollars for the date of the event.

12. Applicants will abide by all local, city, state and federal regulations Initials of Applicant:

BPBC Clubhouse Application

Rev. 09.26.19




Policy on Use of Clubhouse and other Association Facilities




It is the policy and practice of the Black Point Beach Club Association to use the

Clubhouse and other Association facilities for the following purposes:

  1. To hold meetings of its governing bodies and their subcommittees:
    • The Board of Governors
    • The Zoning Commission
    • The Zoning Board of Appeals.


  1. Its employees may use the premises to conduct Association business as necessary


  1. Association approved activities may be held in the club house as authorized by the Board of Governors


  1. The clubhouse is the base home of the Summer recreation program


  1. The clubhouse may be used by Association members on an application basis. Applications for use are to be for family/social reasons only. The clubhouse may not be used by a member for any Business, Political, Fundraising or Commercial purposes, except that the Association Manager may approve fund raising non-profit sales on a specific time and location basis, the location being one in which the Association has jurisdiction.


  1. The Clubhouse may be used by the Black Point Women’s Club for its regular meetings.


  1. The Clubhouse is open for use by members from May through September.

Rev. 7-25-19


BPBC Clubhouse Security Camera Protocols


In May 2019, the Black Point Beach Club Association authorized the use of security cameras throughout the Clubhouse grounds for the purpose of enhancing security. The goal is to ensure public safety for Association members and their Guests who visit or use our property, and to diminish the potential for loss or destruction of property. Generally, Connecticut doesn’t restrict security cameras as long as you provide notice of their existence and keep them out of places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. (video voyeurism laws). In addition to avoiding private places, Connecticut law recognizes that people have the right to know when they’re being filmed. Accordingly, cameras are placed where they can clearly and obviously be seen by anyone who enters our property. We also provide signs that clearly state that the property is under video surveillance.


Signage and Notification: Signage will be posted in conspicuous places on the Clubhouse grounds that notify staff and the general public of the Association’s use of security cameras. Clubhouse staff will receive additional notification at the beginning of the Rec Program regarding the use of security cameras on Clubhouse grounds. Such notification will include, but not be limited to, staff handbooks. Camera Placement: The security camera system is installed in public areas only. These areas include, but are not limited to, grounds, exterior entrances or exits to the Clubhouse and large gathering spaces such as Basketball court and tennis court. Security cameras will not be used where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, including restrooms. Viewing: There will be no monitoring of live recordings, except in the case of a suspected emergency or safety concern. Reviewing the recordings will occur only when a suspected incident is committed inside or outside the building (e.g. vandalism, graffiti, etc.). Viewing the data is to be performed by authorized personnel that have been expressly designated by the Board of Governors. A log book shall include the following details: the persons viewing the data, what event triggered the viewing, and the date/time viewed and the log book will be maintained by the Association Manager. No sound is to be monitored or recorded in connection with the video surveillance security system. Security system misuse shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Governors. Limited Access to Recordings: Any video recordings used for security purposes of Clubhouse grounds are the sole property of the Association. Release of such videos will be made only as permissible pursuant to applicable laws and with the permission of the Chair, Board of Governors or his/her designee. Access to video recordings from security cameras shall be limited to Association Manager; Chair, Board of Governors; and two (2) other Board of Governors members. Law enforcement officials (Chief of Police/designee) shall be granted access to video recordings after giving prior notice to the Association Manager. Data Storage: All video recordings and logs are stored in a secure place to avoid tampering and ensure confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Data access is password protected. Recordings are capable of being saved for approximately fourteen (14) days and then automatically deleted, unless being used in an ongoing investigation.

Rev. 5/12/19 jvm