Community Master Plan

Follow the progress of the steering committee as we continue this important planning process. You'll find meeting notes, presentations, photos and other information relating to the master plan in the archives posted below.

Master Plan Steering Committee January 25th, 2023, Meeting Notes

2022-01-25 Master Plan Meeting Notes

Master Plan Steering Committee January 25th, 2023, Video Recording

Master Plan January 25th, 2023, Strategic Goal Development Meeting via Zoom

Master Plan Meeting – Strategic Goal Development
Wednesday, January 25, 2023 @ 7:00pm
Please join us as we start the process of developing the strategic goals for the master plan. This is the next step in the process. The public will have the opportunity to offer input as the process continues.
The meeting will be held over Zoom at this link:

Meeting ID: 811 0652 7201
Passcode: 038920

If joining by phone, please use this number        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Master Plan Steering Committee November 30th, 2022, Meeting Notes

View Master Plan Steering Committee November 30th, 2022, Meeting Notes Here

Master Plan Steering Committee November 30th, 2022, Meeting Recording:

Master Plan Page:


Master Plan Meeting Notice

Master Plan Steering Committee – Public Meeting
Wednesday, November 30, 6:00pm via zoom (link above)
Meeting ID: 856 7888 7663
Passcode: 612648
Phone access: 929 205 6099
The goal of this meeting will begin to develop a draft vision statement. This process creates a shared community vision that is aspirational and forward-thinking. It provides a roadmap to help guide key decisions. It can help guide how projects and services are identified and prioritized in order to meet that view.
There will be an opportunity for public input during this process. Public participation is encouraged.

Master Plan Steering Committee 2022-11-16 Meeting Notes

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Kick-off meeting of the Master Plan Steering Committee was held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The meeting was held over Zoom.

Colleen Chapin, Tom Meggers, Phil Lombardo, Al Galati, Arlene Garrow, Rick Diachenko, Ed Zito, Peter Baril, Frank Carmon

Previously appointed John Horoho has stepped back, and Zoning Commission Chair Jim Fox has recommended Charlie Bruce take his place. Mr. Bruce will participate in the public process until officially approved by the Board of Governors at their next meeting.

Mike Zuba and Patrick Gallagher, S/L/A/M Consultants

Various members of the public were also in attendance

Mr. Zuba and Mr. Gallagher walked the attendees through the community survey results and outlined the next steps of the process. The slide deck that was presented is available on the Association website.

Next Steps:
Develop the vision statement – Why are we engaging in this planning process? This will include community values and should be aspirational.

Identify the goals of the Association – What do we look like in 10, 20, 50 years?

Identify strategies to achieve those goals – How are we going to get there?

Is our data accurate? Should we re-survey?

The survey is one lens through which to view the community’s perceptions, needs, wants, strengths, etc. Through this next phase, Steering Committee members are tasked with reaching into their networks in the community to both pull additional input and provide updates throughout the process.

Will there be larger workshops with the community?

Yes – S/L/A/M is committed to leading in-person and virtual workshops with the community in order to review the ideas and plans as they evolve. The first step of the process is creating the vision on which to hang the goals and strategies. While the first pass at crafting the vision is done by the Committee, there may be slight changes as public comments and input are made.

Kickoff Presentation

View the kickoff presentation of Black Point’s Community Master Plan. This presentation was made on November 16, 2022 at a meeting of the Steering Committee.