Capital Improvement August 11th, 2020 Task Force Meeting


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BPBCA Property Maintenance Guide

Guide to Property Maintenance

July 28th, 2020 Capital Improvement Task Force Meeting Minutes

Notes from the July 28 meeting of the Long Term Capital Assets Committee
Our mission is to identify BPBC long term capital needs and recommend funding options.
Committee members are Rick Diachenko, Janet Bonelli, Phil Lombardo, Al Capozza, Mike Johnson, Dan Lemieux, Tommy Bonelli,  Ed Zito, and Jim Moffitt.
Action steps:
  • Conduct inventory of all assets with over a one year useful life
  • Estimate replacement cost or long term maintenance cost of assets
  • Sort into short, medium and long term
  • Consider alternative funding resources
  • Develop a funding strategy
The committee was divided into three teams to start an inventory count of BP assets which we will share at our next meeting. They are Rick, Dan and Ed; Al and Phil; Janet, Tommy, Mike and Jim
Next meeting is scheduled for August 11that 9:00 in the club house

BPBCA BOG July 23rd, 2020 Minutes Posted

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Contact Information:

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BPBCA Capital Improvement July 28th, 2020 Agenda Posted

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BPBCA BOG July 14th, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes Posted

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