BPBC Zoning May 17th, 2019 Minutes Posted

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BOG May 13th, 2019 Special Meeting Minutes Posted

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BOG May 25th, 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Agenda Posted

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Please note: The trifold flyer that was sent out with the Annual Meeting notice includes incorrect information about the 2019 club program.  The sections beginning with “Week 1 to Week 3” and “Week 9 to Week 11” do not apply to the BPBC Recreation program.  In addition, there is  error in drop off time.  The correct drop off time is 9:30 am.  Any clarification can be requested from Ronnie Phelps at bogs@blackpointbeachclub.com. We apologize for the confusion.



BOG May 13th, 2019 Special Meeting Agenda Posted

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*Important Pier Announcement* :

The Board of Governors Pier Subcommittee will present a proposal by Pinder, GMCB, and Docko at the May 25th, 2019 Annual Meeting; a vote by the Membership for approval of the proposal will be taken.

BOG May 23rd, 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda Posted

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