Waterford Data Center June 2024 Update


     Black Point Members are making waves regarding the proposed Data Center being built at Millstone Point.  Even though the kids are out of school, the beaches are open, and the lines at our ice cream stands are 25+ deep, we can’t stop our push of S.B. 299 being heard and voted on.  S.B. 299 does not stop the Data Center, it is simply a bill to allow PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority) to evaluate the impact of large data centers on our electric grid reliability.  In March, it was heard and voted on by the Energy and Technology Committee and was passed 15 YEA, 4 NO, and 1 OTHER.  The next step was the Senate where it overwhelmingly passed 30 YEA and only 6 NO.  Last stop was on the last day of session where due to some political gamesmanship; the bill was never heard.  This bill was not to allow passage or to stop the data center, it merely sought approval for a study to evaluate the impact of such a facility on our power grid.

     Although disheartening, this by no means the proposed Data Center has been given the Green Light.  It still has to get past the Connecticut Siting Council and if you are against this data center, please take a few minutes to sit down and send the Siting Council a letter or e-mail as soon as you can.  Their contact information is provided below.

     The Siting Council is responsible for balancing the need for adequate and reliable public utility services at the lowest reasonable cost to consumers with the need to protect the environment and ecology of the state and minimize damage to scenic, historic, and recreational values as well as providing environmental standards for the location, design, construction, and operation of public utility facilities that are as at least as stringent as federal government standards and that are sufficient to assure the welfare and protection of the people of Connecticut.  You can read more about the Connecticut Siting Council by visiting: https://portal.ct.gov/csc/common-elements/common-elements/connecticut-siting-council—description

     Earlier this month there were rumors/hopes that S.B. 299 may be called in conjunction with another bill during special session where it could possibly be heard and passed.  After some phone calls and deeper research, that is highly unlikely.  Although the legislature WILL be meeting in a special session, (the Senate on June 26 and the House on June 27), this session is to only vote on what the Legislature has been reliably informed is one bill that would address a couple of very specific issues. There appears to be no appetite to debate bills beyond these very narrow parameters.

    However, we would encourage you nonetheless to please contact the Siting Council and legislators to continue the fight.  So, I ask that you now take the time to call, write, or e-mail the contacts below to let them know how much of a detriment this Data Center will be to the Town of East Lyme, Niantic, and our Beach Community.

     I would like to thank our State Representative Holly Cheeseman and our First Selectman Dan Cunningham for their support and guidance in our fight to stop the proposed Waterford Data Center.


Arlene Garrow

Vice-Chairman – Board of Governors

Black Point Beach Club



Katie Dykes


79 Elm St.

Hartford, CT  06106-5127

EMAIL DEEPWebmaster@ct.gov

Kerry Schlichting

ISO New England

One Sullivan Rd.

Holyoke, MA 01040-2841

(413) 540-4479


Gov. Ned Lamont

State Capitol

210 Capitol Ave.

Hartford, CT  06106

(866) 566-4840

Email go to Gov. website

Sen. Martin Looney

Legislative Office Building

Room 3300

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(860) 240-8614

Email go to website

Rep. Matt Ritter

Legislative Office Building

Room 4105

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(860) 240-8585


Sen. Martha Marx

Legis. Office Building

Room 3300

Hartford, CT  06106-1591

(860) 240-8600

Email go to website

Rep. Holly Cheeseman

Legislative Office Building

Room 4200

Hartford, CT  06106

(860) 240-8700

Rep. Kathleen McCarty

Legislative Office Building

Room 4200

Hartford, CT  06106

(860) 240-8700

Sen. Norm Needleman

Legislative Office Bldg.

Room 3900

Hartford, CT  06106

(860) 240-0428

CT Siting Council

10 Franklin Square

New Britain, CT  06051

(860) 827-2935


Black Point Beach Club
6 Sunset Ave.
Niantic, Connecticut 06357

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