Legislative Update RE Data Center:

To all Black Pointers:

Thank you to all who sent emails about the data center bill – SB 299 passed the state Senate…but we need to do more!

We now need your help getting it through the state House of Representatives.  We have to act now before the legislative session ends this Wednesday, May 8th.

In case you’re not aware, a developer has proposed building a 1.5 million square foot warehouse for computer servers (called a data center) next to Millstone power plant.  It will be larger than the Crystal Mall, will be seen from our beaches, create non-stop noise and will most likely increase the cost of our electricity.

There is a bill now in the CT state House to require a study about how the data center’s energy demands will affect the amount of electricity available for the rest of us and if it will cause our electric bills to go up. If passed, this will greatly delay and hopefully derail the data center.

 There is one simple thing you can do right now and it will only take 10 minutes.  Email the Speaker of the House or your state Representative. The more they hear about this from their constituents, the better.


If you live and vote in Black Point

Holly Cheeseman, our State Rep, who is very active on this recommends that we contact:

Matt Ritter, Speaker of the House



If you live and vote elsewhere in CT (West Hartford, Manchester, etc.)

Contact your local state representative – you can find their name and email address here:  https://ctartsalliance.org/find-your-public-official/

Enter your zip code and then your address.

If Florida or another state is your permanent address


Matt Ritter, Speaker of the House




Copy and paste this into your email.  Add your information.

Subject: Support SB 299

Dear ____

I live in ( fill in your town.)  I am writing to ask for yoursupport of SB 299 and get it to a vote. This bill directs PURA/DEEP to study the effect of large data centers on the power grid and reliability of electricity distribution. There is currently a proposal to build a large data center in Waterford which will consume a large amount of energy coming from Millstone Power Plant. We need to know how much this will increase our already very high electric rates and if there will be enough power for our homes and businesses.

I do not want to pay any more for electricity and I do not want this data center to affect the reliability of the power grid.

Please support SB 299 to a vote and vote YES.

Your Name

Your Address


Send the email. It’s that easy!

Updates will be posted at the Black Point website and Facebook page.

If you want to do more,

Please send the same email to:

State Representative Jonathan Steinberg

Chair of the House Energy & Technology Committee




Black Point Beach Club
6 Sunset Ave.
Niantic, Connecticut 06357

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