Cardboard Boat Race

Don’t miss this event! Start your boats now. Remember only Cardboard (Unwaxed) and duct tape!

Quick view of Rules:
  • Boats can be made of cardboard and duct tape only
  • Duct tape is the only fastening material allowed
  • Boat sides need to be at least 6″ high – no surfboard/paddleboard style 
  • Crew must have all extremities inside vessel
  • Design left to builder
  • Decorations encouraged but not within 6″ of bottom – This means any paint used must be 6″above the bottom
  • Crew Uniforms encouraged
  • No plastic, wood, Styrofoam, fiberglass, etc… No caulking compounds, two part adhesive mixtures glues, coatings etc..No electrical, gasoline, propane, benzene or other propulsion systems
  • Bring your own PFD and paddle
  • Crew of one or more (no limit) but no pets
We will ask all boats to register for this free event, so we can make sure all that starts are accounted for at the finish! A full set of rules will be posted soon!


Sep 02 2023


2:00 pm


Men's Club