Chairman’s Notes and Thanks – June 27

Brief Notes to the Black Point Community: Chair, BPBCA

 Once again we have much to be grateful for in our Black Point community, thanks to the talented and tireless efforts provided by a truly diverse group of Members.

Among our recent good-news outcomes:

  • First, thanks for the service provided by retiring Board members Tom Cherry and Tom Meggers for their remarkable contributions to our community. And grateful thanks also to John Cellino for his past role as Board chairman, and his continuing service on our Board.
  • Our Wrecking Crew installed canopies, erected new basketball hoops, beautified the White Cap parking lot area, suspended privacy screens along fence lines at the clay tennis courts, and positioned and stained 2 new playground wooden vehicles that the kids all adore.
  • The Men’s Club recently convened a dozen members who groomed the bocce court for the new season, preceded by Wrecking Crew volunteers who removed volumes of weeds.
  • Beach cleanups, which recently have included the removal of two trees and a large commercial boat float cushion that had washed up on shore and needed immediate removals were also quickly dispatched.
  • The installation of swim buoys and a new swim line at South Beach.
  • The restoration of South Beach that included stone removals and the addition of new sand.
  • The restoration of flagpole and other benches at the Clubhouse facility.
  • A two-man volunteer crew has just recently finished relining at our parking areas. I’m told that this duo has done this work “for many years,” and all they ever ask for is “white paint, please.”
  • Another 2-man crew recently eliminated invasive plant life at the backwater kayak walkway area and used an eco-friendly spray to begin to eliminate the poison ivy thriving there.
  • Two scholarship awards to local high school seniors, a daughter and grandson of local Members, were awarded through the Cahill Foundation.
  • Plans to restore the Sea View/Sea Breeze beachfront walkway, with temporary, protective safeguards now in place there until that project can be completed.
  • The private contribution of a plant sprayer that will greatly help with the watering of the gardens and planters at the Clubhouse.
  • Installation of a new water fountain, with ice cold water, for all Clubhouse users.
  • Repairs and upgrades to the Men’s and Women’s rooms at the Clubhouse
  • The addition of a brand-new AED unit at the Clubhouse, a donation coordinated by local members and an outside Foundation.

And even with all of these items reported on here, the Board of Governors knows that it has likely omitted many kind and quiet additional contributions of Members’ time and talent.  If we have missed any items, we cannot immediately add comment here – but we will welcome any additions to this list during a Public Comment opportunity at our next Board of Governors meeting.

And finally, thanks to all for making our community such a uniquely special place.

Jim Schepker, Chair

Black Point Beach Club
6 Sunset Ave.
Niantic, Connecticut 06357

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