A Message to Black Pointers


 Message to all Black Pointers

We are all experiencing how COVID19 is turning life upside down. The first reported  case in East Lyme was reported last week, meaning it had been incubating in the week before then.  Our population will be burgeoning as we welcome back friends and neighbors who have been away for the winter.  And our concerns about everyone’s safety increases as we attempt to maintain physical distance with numbers increasing in our relatively small neighborhood.  Please assume that everybody, including year round residents, has been exposed, and respond with social distancing or, if you have been away, self quarantining for 2 weeks.  We are all responsible for our own health.

That said, let us remember to treat everyone with respect, compassion, and precautions, for the sake of the health of our bodies and our souls.

No one can predict how this pandemic will unfold, but we know it will be getting more complicated before things improve.  We have closed the playground and clubhouse, and postponed the March BOG meeting. We may experience more constraints on our use of our physical environment, based on both the governor’s executive orders and the welfare of our community.  In regard to our self governing, our legal council is researching how to address the budget vote, considering the executive order which mandates extensions. We will share the decision as soon as we hear. Programs provided by Women’s Club and Recreation are being planned as usual, with the awareness that we do not know how much our social activities may be restricted this summer.  

We need to be vigilant about maintaining social distancing as we use our beaches in the warm spring weather, maintaining at least 6 feet between every person.  We will hope for the best for our summer, but be prepared for the possibility of constraints that limit our participation in summer activities for the sake of our communal health.

Regardless of how this pandemic unfolds, we are all lucky to have the physical beauty and social bonds unique to Black Point to help us through this.  Please practice personal responsibility, take care of yourselves and your neighbors, and thank all those who sacrifice to keep us healthy, warm, clean, and fed.

With affection and concern,

Cheryl Colangelo

Chair, Board of Governors

BP Bell Ringing

Black Point Bell Ringing
In an effort to raise the spirits of Black Point residents in a time where many are self-quarantining to avoid the spread of COVID-19 we are suggesting a community bell ringing at 8 P.M. every night for the foreseeable future. Just open your front door and let it ring!  If you don’t have a bell, use something similar. We may be forced to be apart, but this will be a symbol that we are 100 percent together.
Thanks to John Campion for arranging this, Tony Orsini for suggesting it and to Windsor Locks mayor Christopher Kervick for initiating it in CT.

Notice for returning Black Pointers

Message to returning Black Pointers:

Welcome back to all of you who have been away.  Mark Nickerson, our First Selectman, has recommended a 14 day self quarantine for those returning to East Lyme following a seasonal separation.  Please do so to keep yourselves and your community at Black Point safe.  Thank you.

Announcement: Playground Closure

The clubhouse playground is closed.  Please do not have your children congregate there or use the equipment, for their sakes and the well being of the community. Thank you for your understanding.


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