BPBCA BOG September 24th, 2020 Meeting


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Long Term Capital Improvement Task Force September 21st, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Long Term Capital Asset Committee notes for September 21, 2020 meeting

In attendance were Rick Diachenko, Janet Bonelli, Phil Lombardo, Al Capozza, Mike Johnson, Dan Lemieux, and Ed Zito,

The committee reviewed possible new income sources for funding long term assets. The suggested ideas from each member were evaluated and sorted into priory groupings of High, Medium, and Low.

We still have not received the final engineering report we need for assessing the value and maintenance costs of our shoreline assets. We scheduled another meeting for October 19th at 10:00 for that purpose.

Phil Lombardo

BPBCA September 5th, 2020 Annual Informational Meeting Minutes Posted

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BOG September 1st, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes

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Long term Capitol Improvement Task Force August 31st, 2020 Meeting Notes Posted

BP Long Term Asset Funding Committee Meeting Notes 8/31/20


In attendance were Rick Diachenko, Janet Bonelli, Phil Lombardo, Al Capozza, Mike Johnson, Dan Lemieux, Ed Zito, and Jim Moffitt.


Reviewed the assets list was discussed and no changes were made. The shoreline portion of the major assets list is still being developed. The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to that purpose.


Steve Beauchene attended as our shoreline resource. He provided an insight into the difference between the steel pier and the four breakwater piers. The breakwater piers are different and the cost of repair will be significantly lower.


We discussed the engineering report the Board received from GNCB Consulting. We asked Steve to get some clarification on some issues.

We asked for pier life spans and the cost of the suggested maintenance actions for the three piers that were evaluated. We also asked for the same data for the breakwater next to the boat launch. We also asked if the consultant had a methodology for projecting long term pier repair costs.


Our preliminary review has made it clear that the Association has significant assets and it must be responsive to the liabilities of maintaining these assets. The annual reserves we presently are making are inadequate.


As a response to this additional cost, the committee is looking at making recommendations for new revenue sources. Each member was asked to submit a list of possible revenue sources by September 14th.


The next meeting is scheduled for 9:00 on September 21st at the club house.


July 28th, 2020 Capital Improvement Task Force Meeting Minutes

Notes from the July 28 meeting of the Long Term Capital Assets Committee
Our mission is to identify BPBC long term capital needs and recommend funding options.
Committee members are Rick Diachenko, Janet Bonelli, Phil Lombardo, Al Capozza, Mike Johnson, Dan Lemieux, Tommy Bonelli,  Ed Zito, and Jim Moffitt.
Action steps:
  • Conduct inventory of all assets with over a one year useful life
  • Estimate replacement cost or long term maintenance cost of assets
  • Sort into short, medium and long term
  • Consider alternative funding resources
  • Develop a funding strategy
The committee was divided into three teams to start an inventory count of BP assets which we will share at our next meeting. They are Rick, Dan and Ed; Al and Phil; Janet, Tommy, Mike and Jim
Next meeting is scheduled for August 11that 9:00 in the club house

BPBCA BOG July 23rd, 2020 Minutes Posted

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