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Adopting Charters, Ordinances, and Bylaws

Parking Task Force Report:

The Parking Taskforce members met on Monday, August 17 th , 9:00 – 10:00 am. They discussed ways to address parking of cars and golf carts that would best serve our BPBC community. They recognize the increased use of golf carts and the need to accommodate them. The following are their recommendations: 


  • Parking identification: Vehicles parked in BPBC parking areas and right of ways must have parking identification (hanging tag and stickers). 
  • Each household will continue to receive one hanging parking tag and two BP stickers. The hanging tag can be used for a car or a golf cart. 
  • A current BP sticker would also be sufficient for golf carts only, as they can’t be driven on the roads outside of Black Point.
  • The members discussed the potential concern that members may drive a car and a golf cart to the beach; however, consensus was that this would not likely be the case. A sign should be posted at the club house that parking identification is required, unless individuals are attending an event or meeting at the club house. 
  • Beach patrol would periodically check this lot for parking identification and ticket cars without hanging tags. Parking Tickets: ln fairness to our community, we recommend that beach patrol provide one written warning for a car or golf cart parked without proper parking identification. 
  • Mr. Moffett indicated that he would keep a list of those who had received warnings and would be able to identify and ticket “repeat offenders”.
  •  Authorized Parking: For the safety of members, no trailers should be allowed to be parked in BPBC parking lots. 
  • Golf carts may be parked in any of the marked parking spots in the parking lots. ln addition, it is recommended that the following be allowed for right of way parking areas for golf carts and bikes: 
  • Billow-allowed 
  • Bellaire – allowed  
  • Nehantic – return to 3 parallel parking spots on the grass, on the south side of the lot. 
  • Cahill – no golf cart parking, loading and unloading only 
  • White Cap – add 5 pullback-in spots to the south side cf the right of way, add a bike rack. 
  • Seabreeze -no change 
  • Sea View – golf cart parking prohibited; add a bike rack between the no Parking sign and the street. 
  • Sea Crest – allowed 
  • Sea Spray – allowed 
  • Saltaire – allowed 
  •  Bright Water – no parking due to catch hasin hazard.
  •  Osprey – add 5-6 pull back-in spots between proposed pillars on the south side of right-of-way. 
  • Waterside – as newly incorporated, 3 parallel car or golf cart parking spots between signs. 
  • Blue Heron – allowed 
  • Additional recommendation Task Force members strongly recommend A-2 surveys be conducted on the right-of-ways, prioritizing Bellaire, Sea View and 0sprey.


Black Point Beach Club
6 Sunset Ave.
Niantic, Connecticut 06357

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