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Black Point Beach Club Association

Special meeting
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
6 Sunset Avenue, Niantic, CT 06357

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Black Point Beach Club Association

Special Meeting
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
6:00 p.m.
6 Sunset Avenue, Niantic, Connecticut 06357

Present: Kevin Callahan, Chair; Cheryl Colangelo, Vice Chair; Jim Pillion, Will Fountain, Robin Murdock-Meggers, Bill McDowell and Mary Cahill, Ex-Officio.

Also Present:Tom Sheehan, Association Manager; Carolyn Boyle, Treasurer; Ruth Ames, Tax Collector; Maureen Lowney, Secretary

Absent: Steve Beauchene,  Ruth Ames, Tax Collector;



1.Call meeting to order; Attendance

Mr. Callahan called the Regular Meeting of the BPBCA Board of Governors to order at 6:00 p.m. A Quorum was present.

a. Approval of Minutes of August 24, 2017 Regular Meeting

Mr. Callahan called if there were any omissions or corrections on these minutes. There being none he called for a motion to accept the minutes.

**Motion [1]
Ms. Murdock-Meggers made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on Agust 24, 2017. Mr. McDowell seconded the motion.
Vote: 6 – 0 – 0. Motion Passed.

2. Public Comments

Ms. Monica Burnett, 35 Bellaire Road, commented on the amount of seaweed at the main beach and in the water. She stated that 3/4 of the water contains seaweed up to your knees, there is eel grass in the center and there is no sand She said the only place you can swim is the right side of main beach. She also commented about all the bugs and flies at the beach because of the seaweed. Everyone sits on the beach with cans of bug spray.

Ms. Burnett also commented about the ramp at the Nehantic beach stating it is very slippery and people are having a hard time walking up that ramp and asked if a hand rail could
be installed on that ramp.

Ms. Kim Craven, 46 East Shore Drive, asked if the Board would revisit the motion that was made last month regarding the parking tags on the golf carts. She said many people at the Informational meeting were in favor of requiring the parking tags for the golf carts.

Ms. Craven also asked when the sand would be harvested for the season and if the handrail at the walkway at Sea Breeze would be removed during storms.

Ms. Sandy Adams, 26 Whitecap Road, would like an update on the hedges and asked if people who have been notified and are still not compliant what would be the next

3. Reports

. Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn Boyle

Ms. Boyle presented her report and stated that there was nothing out of the ordinary.
Mr. Pillion asked Ms. Boyle if the recreation program had an approximate profit of $5,000.00. Ms. Boyle said yes if you look at the income and only the personnel expenses.

Mr. Callahan asked Ms. Boyle about check number 4184 for $250.59 for new outlets at the clubhouse.

Mr. Callahan said he didn’t hear anything about replacing the outlets. Mr. Sheehan stated that it was in one of his managers report. Mr. Callahan stated that it hadn’t come before the board. Mr. Sheehan said that it did not have to come before the board. Mr. Callahan stated that any purchase of $250.00 and not exceeding $1,000.00
needs the Chair’s approval and if necessary the Board’s decision. Mr. Sheehan said it needed to be done. Mr. Callahan said the Board needs to be informed.

Bank Balances as of 8/31/17
Checking & Sweep accounts $231,563.73 Long Term Capital $86,309.38.

Mr. Callahan called for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

**Motion [2]
Ms. Murdock-Meggers made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Ms. Colangelo seconded the motion.
Vote: 6 – 0 – 0 Motion passed.

. Tax Collector – Kevin Callahan for Ruth Ames

Mr. Callahan reported that $218,828.80 has been collected in taxes. To date there is still another $4,680.74 to be collected for this tax year. There are 14 properties with no payments, 2 properties that are partially paid
Mr. Callahan reported that there is still $251.52 owed from last year. There is 1 property with no payment to date and 1 property that is partially paid.

. Association Manager’s Report – Tom Sheehan

Mr. Sheehan presented his report (attached).

Mr. Sheehan reported that the water equipment was removed on September 8th, a week earlier than planned due to the threat of Hurricane Irma. The club house will be closed and winterized after October 21, 2017 until April 2018.

Mr. Fountain asked Mr. Sheehan if he had any plans for tree trimming and removal around the basketball court.
Mr. Sheehan said he had spoken with Mr. Callahan and they were going to wait till they had additional work.

.Chair’s Report – Kevin Callahan
Mr. Callahan mentioned that at the Informational meeting people brought up the golf carts and parking tags and the steel pier.

Mr. Callahan reported that he spoke with Mr. Baril, an engineer and a Black Point member about the steel pier who works for a company, that could give an assessment on the pier. The company GZA sent a proposal for a Phase 1 engineering Assessment of the groin to visually document the condition of the structure. This assessment will identify up to three repair or replacement options along with preliminary cost estimates for each alternative. The cost for the assessment would be $9,500.00. Mr. Callahan said he would e-mail a copy of the proposal to the Board members to review.

Mr. Fountain said he had also talked with Mr. Baril about the pier and he also spoke with Mr. Campion who said there is a folder on the piers. Mr. Campion said he had an assessment done on the piers a few years ago and would share that information.

Mr. Murdock- Meggers suggested that Mr. Beauchene talk to Mr. Campion.

Mr. Callahan reported on parking tickets. He said that there would first be a warning ticket then a fee. Also the Zoning Commission will use tickets for hedges in violation.

Mr. Callahan said that we should look at putting in a handrail at the Nehantic ramp to the beach and that we should reclaim more parking spaces at the Nehantic right-of-way.

4. Assignments
. Ex-Officio to Zoning – Steve Beauchene

Nothing to report

. Ex-Officio to the Zoning Board of Appeals – Jim Pillion

Mr. Pillion reported that the Zoning Board of Appeals would like to increase the application fees as the fees do not cover the cost of advertising the Public Notice in the newspaper which is $450.00. The ZBA would like to have one fee in the amount of $450.00. The fee schedule at present is $300.00 for an alleged error and $400.00 for a variance. The ZBA also wants the application to read all taxes have to be up to date and payment has to be a cashiers check.

**Motion [3]

Mr. Pillion made a motion that the ZBA fee be changed to $450.00 for all applications. The applicants taxes must be paid to date and the ZBA must receive a cashiers check.
Ms. Murdock-Meggers seconded the motion.
Vote: 6 – 0 – 0 Motion passed.

Legal & Insurance – Robin Murdock-Meggers
Ms. Murdock-Meggers said that Mr. Budds is looking at rewriting our insurance with a different company.

Fishing – Bill McDowell
Mr. McDowell said that from September 15 – May. 15 fishing hours are unlimited for members and their guests.

Rules and Enforcement – Cheryl Colangelo

Ms. Colangelo said the DEEP said we need better signage at the Boat Launch.

Budget – Mary Cahill

Ms. Cahill had nothing to report.

Building and Grounds – Will Fountain

Mr. Fountain commented on the electric bill for the club house for one month was $411.00. He said the club house is freezing with the air conditioner going and wasting electricity. It is not being turned off when people leave the building. He suggested we get a smart thermostat.

Recreation program/club – Kevin Callahan

Mr. Callahan had nothing to report

5. Old Business
Ms. Colangelo said many people spoke against the golf carts not needing parking tags. She asked that the Board reinstate parking tags for the golf carts.

**Motion [4]
Ms. Colangelo made a motion to rescind the previous motion regarding the parking tags on golf carts to 1 parking tag per household and golf carts need a parking tag.
Ms. Murdock-Meggers seconded the motion.

Discussion followed. Ms. Cahill said that many people at the Informational meeting were in favor of golf carts needing parking tags. Ms. Cahill said she thought the motion last

month was wrong. Ms. Cahill also said she has a book from the Police station on the rules for golf carts. They need to be registered and have liability insurance. The golf carts are not toys they are vehicles. It has been confirmed that the golf cart registrations are all the same color, there is no distinction between the beaches. She suggested printing the golf cart rules in the Black Pointer at the beginning of next season.

Vote: 6- 0 – 0 Motion passed

6. New Business

Mr. Fountain said he checked with painting companies about painting and touching up the tennis courts and basketball courts. He was told they are not worth painting as thecourts are too far gone and have excessive cracks. If the courts are to be repaved it would need to be approved by April as it is a 5 step process.

6. Communications (made available) 7. Public Comments

Ms. Carolyn Boyle, 4 Sea View Avenue, commented about trucks and vehicles driving up on to the pier at South Beach. She suggested that the Board look at putting in pipes or re – landscaping so that vehicles can not drive up on the pier.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. Kim Craven, 46 East Shore Drive, would like to see a sign at the Boat launch that say No Dogs allowed, since there are No Dogs allowed signs at the other beach right-of-ways.
She also mentioned the railing at the Sea Breeze walkway and said we went with that style of rail so you could take them down when storms are coming.

Ms. Craven asked if the patio is still in the right-of-way at Bellaire. Also she said she has a hard time seeing with the fence at the corner of Bellaire and East Shore Drive.

8) BOG Response
Mr. Callahan responded on the Bellaire right-of-way that a letter was sent to the homeowner a month ago. The homeowner told him he is not going to remove the patio. Ms. Craven said there should be consequences they should not get a parking tag.

Mr. Callahan said we cannot remove the eel grass. He does not have an answer on the seaweed. The beach is cleaned in the mornings but depending on the tide determines how much seaweed can be removed.
Ms. Cahill said when you take the seaweed away you take the sand with it. She said many years ago the association would remove the seaweed from the beach and put it at the top of Billow Road and in the spring would put it back at the beach. The seaweed would have disintegrated and the sand would still be there.

Mr. Callahan said the guards should blow the sand off the ramp at Nehanitc everyday and if necessary twice a day.

Mr. Callahan asked Mr. Sheehan to look into putting in a railing at Nehantic.

Mr. Sheehan said you cannot remove the railing on the walkway at Sea Breeze as it is a violation of state code. You can remove it in the event of a storm.

Mr. Pillion asked if home owners receive parking tags if they haven’t paid their taxes. Mr. Callahan asked Ms. Colangelo to look at all the signs.

9) Executive Session (Personnel & Legal)

**Motion [5]
Ms. Murdock-Meggers made a motion to enter Executive Session at 7:26Pm. Mr. McDowell seconded the motion.
Vote:6 – 0 – 0 Motion passed

**Motion [6]
Mr. Pillion made a motion to exit Executive Session at 8:07Pm. Ms. Murdock-Meggers seconded the motion.
Vote: 6 – 0 – 0 Motion passed

10) Adjournment

There being no further business before them, Mr. Callahan called for a motion to adjourn.

**Motion [7]
Mr. Pillion made a motion that the BPBCA Board of Governors Regular Meeting of September 26, 2017 be adjourned at 8:08pm.
Mr. McDowell seconded the motion.
Vote:6 – 0 – 0 Motion passed

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Lowney, Secretary